Stuart Legal Can Help You Initiate a Paternity Case

Paternity is the legal recognition of a man’s biological relationship as the father of a child. If a non-married couple has a child, establishing paternity can be crucial for determining the rights and responsibilities of both parents. A paternity claim is a petition that can be submitted to the court by either the mother or the father of the child.

It is a process that can include establishing the biological parentage of a child, custody, child support, visitation rights, and any other issues related to the child’s growth and development.

If a non-married couple has a child and paternity has not been legally established, then the father of that child has no legal rights regarding the child’s growth, development, or decision-making that affects the child’s life.

Stuart Legal Can Help You Initiate a Paternity Case
We will collect information from you, gather and prepare all the necessary documents, and submit your case to the court. We will do what you need to initiate and finalize your paternity claim.

If you’re ready to establish legal paternity of a child and make a positive difference in his or her life, please Contact us for additional information.