Response to request for order family law California

When you file for divorce, parentage case, or legal separation, you may also file what is called a Request for Order (RFO). This is a common “law and motion” practice in California family law cases.

Disagreements between parties may arise during the divorce proceedings or after the pronouncement of a judgment. The courts can make findings and orders to resolve these issues. Commonly, Requests for Order often relate to child custody, child support, visitation, spousal support, etc. When you’re filing for a Request for Order in California, or responding to an RFO, talk to a Legal Document Assistant for help with drafting and filing the documents.

What Does a Request Order Do?
A Request for Order is an act of asking the judge to make certain orders for child support, etc., and a court order for the other party. Whenever a family law litigant wishes to request the courts for temporary orders or post-judgment orders, they will file a motion (RFO).

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