I just want to say how pleased and happy I am that I hired Tyler Stuart as my paralegal. First the price is very reasonable not expensive at all. The experience was great! Tyler is very friendly but in a professional way... Second the process was really fast, he was able to get it done in no time which was another plus! And third... after two years of having no contact with Tyler, he was able to find my file through an email he had sent me! And the reason for him having to find my email was because I never filed the paperwork.

– Stephanie D.

If I Can give this business and Tyler 10 stars I WOULD!!! I needed the job done within days and he took the job and got it done THE SAME DAY even though he was literally packing to leave town the next day. I am so happy I picked the right place, especially since I'm from a whole different county and live almost 5 hrs. away so being a process server myself and wanting the job done right was scary for me to actually find someone who would do the job just like I would, and boy am I glad he did!!!! Tyler made sure to call me back and spoke about what I needed, and not only did he say he would try to get this personally served today before leaving town BUT he was also willing to continue efforts upon his return. I waited on his time and when he texted me within HOURS letting me know it was PERSONNALLY SERVED. he made my day, and I was even more happy to have called the first and best place!!! I can't thank you enough Tyler!! I will 100% recommend you and feel free to call upon me for any serves you need in my area, it would be my honor to get it done for YOU~! .

– Adrian M

Tyler really seemed to know his stuff. I understood the process and procedure and knew what to expect. Fees were clear and upfront and services were as promised.

– Joel S.